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Student Wellbeing

We believe that each child’s wellbeing and sense of belonging are very important. When children feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings, they are more likely to enjoy school and be open to learning. 

Our Wellbeing Team consists of the Wellbeing Coordinators and School Chaplain. 

School Chaplaincy
Our school chaplain works closely with students and families to build relationships and connect them with our school community. They provide support around peer connections, dealing with life’s challenges and help build personal resilience.

Our Chaplain is available to support students during school hours on Wednesday and Friday. Students can seek support themselves or can be referred by a parent or teacher.

Wellbeing Coordinator

Our dedicated Student Wellbeing Coordinators develop and support wellbeing initiatives across the school. 

Our Wellbeing Coordinators also supports teachers to deliver the Wellbeing programs in their classroom. These programs focus on the importance of wellbeing through the lens of Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness and Emotional Literacy. Teachers can explore these concepts and to help students to develop a positive sense of self and the skills to handle challenges as they arrive. 



Students learn to pay attention to the things they have right now and not to worry about the things they don’t have. They practice gratitude by noticing the positives around them. 



Students learn to put themselves in the shoes of others and think about how others might be feeling. They practice empathy by being kind and compassionate towards other people.



Students learn to be calm in the present moment. They practice mindfulness by slowing down and focusing on one thing at a time. 


Emotional Literacy

Students learn to label their emotions which helps them to soften negative emotions and find positive emotions. They practice emotional literacy by labelling emotions as they experience them.