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School Fees

St Pius X School is committed to providing high quality education which is affordable and accessible to all families, regardless of their background or financial means.

As a Catholic school, we rely on a contribution from families in the way of school fees, in order for us to offer high quality educational services.

Our current annual fees are displayed on this website.  Our fees include tuition, stationery and text books - including online subscriptions, all excursions, student accident insurance and the provision of a an ipad (R-3) or laptop (Years 4 - 6)

The only additional cost for families are the uniforms, school camps (Years 4-6), the swimming program (Reception to Year 4) and optional extra-curricular activities. Each family are also charged a $35 fee to cover the cost of the School Year Book.

Payment of school fees can be tailored to suit individual family circumstances. Fees can be paid either weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually.  Fees can be paid via direct debit, cash, credit card, Bpay, Centrepay and direct deposit.

Please refer to the payment calculator below for more information. Generous remission is offered for low income families.  Please see our Fee Schedule.

We will not deny an enrolment because of a family’s genuine struggle to meet fee commitments; however, we always ask that families make some contribution towards fees, as they are able.  In these situations, we can arrange a confidential meeting between the parents and our Principal and School Bursar.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions about our fees or enrolment processes.

2023 School Fees

Annual School Fees

Full Fee per Student $3,132
Lower Income Fee per Student $1,878


What is Included:

Our fees include tuition, stationery and textbooks - including online subscriptions, all excursions, student accident insurance and the provision of a one-to-one student device provided by the school (iPad or MacBook).

Extra-curricular activities, camps, and uniforms are excluded and will be charged separately.


Lower Income Fee:

To be eligible for the lower income fee, you need to qualify as a low income family. This is determined by your family’s gross income and is a $ value set by the State Government.

Proof of income is required and applicants will need to apply via the State Government’s School Card scheme.

Our Finance Officer can help you if you have any questions about applying for the lower income fee.


Payment Options

Payment Methods

Payments can be made in full or by an approved payment plan. We encourage all families to set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit payments

Payment options include:

  • Qkr! App
  • Direct Debit – deductions from your bank account 
  • BPay – reference numbers are printed on invoices and statements
  • Centrepay – a deduction from Centrelink payments (apply through Centrelink)
  • Credit Card - Visa or Mastercard (phone or attend the office)
  • Cash

Figures are rounded to the nearest dollar and are based on 44 weekly payments, 22 fortnightly payments or 10 monthly payments. Alterations to these frequencies will alter the displayed amount. These are suggested payments only; alternative arrangements are available if preferred.

  Yearly Fee Weekly Fortnightly Monthly (Feb-Nov) Three Installments
Full Fee


1 Child $3,132 $72 $143 $313.20 $1,044
2 Children $5,634 $129 $257 $563.40 $1,878
3 Children $7,512 $171 $342 $751.20 $2,504
4 Children $8,433 $192 $384 $843.30 $2,811
Low Income          

1 Child

$1,878 $43 $86 $187.80 $626
2 Children $3,381 $77 $154 $338.10 $1,126
3 Children $4,509 $103 $205 $450.90 $1503
4 Children $5,058 $115 $230 $505.80 $1,686