Learning Support Programmes

Children that need extra support in their learning are catered for in a range of support programs.

  • Learning Assistance Program: a student-centred program providing individual support for students through the positive support of volunteers.
  • Reading Recovery: an early intervention program that targets children who are identified as having reading difficulties after one year at school. Children receive daily lessons in a one-on-one teaching situation and after completing the program, the children’s reading progress is monitored for three years.
  • Guided Reading: this is an approach where students are grouped to read according to their reading stage and have the opportunity to apply literacy skills and strategies they have been introduced to.
  • Reciprocal Reading: focuses on a specific structure that is based on four strategies - summarising, questioning, clarifying, and predicting as a means of better reading comprehension
  • EAL/D support for students whose first language is a language or dialect other than English and require additional support to develop proficiency in Standard English